When I consider the importance of blogging and relevance to my profession as a coach and HR nut, my most meaningful resource is the conversations I have with people on a daily/weekly basis. People like HR execs, graduating students in transition, great leaders perplexed by politics and survival, Gen Xs and Ys and the challenge of that magic word ‘loyalty’ … The list goes on.

A close friend who provides cutting edge research to Canada’s elite banking leaders often shares equally his conversations with taxi drivers shaken with his straight up vodka martini. Let alone the added twist that many taxi drivers are overeducated and underemployed, they often share insights from the back seat that are memorable. This feels akin to my experience as I listen, observe and come home with an exploding list of questions about the complex, ever changing workforce.

My brain is like a cup runneth over with ideas, insights, opinions, concerns and downright confusion of the many around me. It doesn’t seem to matter whether people are starting out or looking at retirement options, everyone has one thing in common – uncertainty.

Ok so we’ve all had to deal with the long-standing, post-bubble economy and all the fallout but how do we cope with the daunting combination of pace and constant change?

Where are concepts like stability, loyalty, constancy and environments where we can create our own tribes or build a sustainable, long term, trusting relationship to companies? Those same companies that we commute to and where we stay plugged in even at the hockey arena, the grocery store and even our bedsides.

Perhaps these questions I take with me to bed complement my research process as I help other navigate their own questions in transition? After all I heard another coach say “You’re only as far as your last question”. I guess this could be, yet another test in being fully present in my own life.

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