GOYAworks Comprehensive Coaching Package

This coaching program is comprised of 12 coaching sessions and includes the following components.

1. The Two Hour Discovery Session

A face-to-face session to establish the coaching partnership and identify the client’s overarching objectives for the coaching engagement,(this includes creation of the coaching contract, logistics – when, where and how) and finally, designing the future and introduction of coaching tools.

2. Values Identification

One session (face-to-face or by telephone) focused on uncovering the client’s core values.

3. Strengths Identification

One session (face-to-face or by telephone) focused on uncovering the client’s key strengths.

Six Focused Coaching Sessions (which include review sessions)

All remaining sessions will be conducted by telephone and will address specific areas of focus that the client brings to the call. GOYAworks can additionally provide a short summary of the highlights of each session with reminder of the assignments as agreed to by the client.

Two review sessions will be conducted with the client as follows:

  1. A midpoint review session during Session 7, and
  2. A ‘next steps’ session during Session 12; the focus of this session will depend on whether or not the client wishes to renew the coaching agreement at the completion of the engagement.

In addition to the sessions described above, the client receives:

A Welcome Package, including the Discovery Questionnaire – a thought starter for the coaching engagement:

  •  The ICF Code of Ethics
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Coaching Methodology and guiding principles An on-line assessment to uncover the client’s top five character strengths.
  • Brief between session check-in calls or emails are always available.