Going Public


Ok so I survived the shoot with the videographer. I’ve got my blogs, my Coaching Minutes and now it’s time to go public. Why am I filled with trepidation? After all, we keep hearing you ‘must be yourself’, be authentic, tell the world who you really are. Expose your brand, blah blah blah.

As a coach who works with a variety of people and organizations in different settings, my brand is still up for grabs.

What I still want to concentrate on is providing value to anyone in transition or stuck navigating change.

Do I need to narrow myself down and call myself “a transformational coach”, “a life coach” (No!), “a positive change coach”, “a sales coach”? I hate being pinned down and excluding helping individuals or companies who come to me wanting to change (or simply improve) something important.

People ask me what industry do you specialize in? What issues do you focus on? My answer to both is that I’m trained as an Adler Trained Coach to deal with a human being in any professional or personal context. You see, inevitably I may work with someone focused on their work but it always comes down to who ‘they are being’, ‘how they are showing up’ at the office or at home. This is what I like the most about this work – it often becomes seamless and clients appear surprised that their work relationship(s) can impact their marriage, their community and vice versa.

It’s kinda like me. I write my script, smile into the camera, hope for the best and pray that my online image represents me as authentically as possible. I’m the same person on camera as in the coaching session minus the make up touch ups and the bright lights! I’m grateful that my personal coaching journey has taught me the importance of bringing myself into the equation despite the absence of a close critic to shoot me down. People may not experience me as authentic but I just hope they’ll give me a chance or at least read or listen long enough to be better informed.



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