Reconnecting in a Covid19 World - A Coaching Minute (intro.)

Reconnecting in a Covid19 World – A Coaching Minute (Intro.)

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On April 9th I arrived back in Canada to feel closer to my kids … but not BE closer (physically) to my kids.
I relocated to the UK in October of 2019; was not expecting to come ‘running home’; the decision was not made lightly.

I’ve been back nearly a month now and will do a bit of coaching in the coming weeks and months while I socially isolate and spend a lot of time with myself. Starting this week I will revisit A Coaching Minute for those interested in staying positive, cultivating deeper self-awareness and eventually being able to make a lot of positive change as we shift out of this temporary drama.

My message today is two-fold:

1. Guard Your Thoughts as much as possible – we are being lambasted daily with messaging, negativity and ultimately this impacts us more than we even know cerebrally.

2. Cultivate a Fort Knox Immune System: as a life junkie and health nut, there’s a lot to be said here. However, ultimately not only do we need to protect our minds; this is also a huge opportunity for self care, healthier body and soul.

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I’m here to help:

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